Do we all have a huge capacity for pleasure?

I am going to tease you guys with this question. I believe some guys are too strict to themselves and don't almost indulge their nature while others prefer to do only what they like... What do you think? It is actually connected with our professional and academic life as well as with our life routine.
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  1. Brow 04 april 2020, 21:44 0
    Remember the Utility Monster. 😁 
    1. TeddyBeer 04 march 2020, 22:53 0
      Yes, I do agree.
      Some people can enjoy a lot just a glass of pomegranate or beetroot juice, whereas others need to dive with sharks and yet they won't be satisfied enough. :-(
      1. BigPigOnaDig 04 march 2020, 23:00 0
        This problem was, has been and will proceed to exist.
        The richer you — the more things you will want to have.