Community site update #2

Subscription to a user

Now you have a wonderful opportunity to subscribe to new post user's

As soon as a new post or comment has been published, you will receive an email notification

A mentioned user

When you create a new post or a new comment, now you can mention the user whose message you want to reply to

To do this, enter the @ symbol and start entering the user's nickname. The pop-up window will show prompts

Upload a cool avatar

Now we have a full-featured avatar uploader that allows you to crop photos as you need right on the site

Minor improvements

  • Now you can add any comment that you like to Favorites.
  • The profile displays the status Online if the user is active on the site
  • Now you can see the total number of Posts in categories

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  1. snyadanak 02 september 2019, 10:13 0
    In progress:

    • Authorization through social networks
    • An opportunity to attach files to posts
    • Update for mobile version