GreekPod, Greek from Goethe Verlag, and other

courses for beginners.
I stuck at choosing the best course to start…
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  1. Brow 07 september 2019, 14:32 0
    I have heard about these courses:
    • Learn Greek Online. Modern Greek Course
    • GreekPod101. Learn Greek — Word Power
    • Language Addicts' Learn Greek Vocabulary Podcast
    • Morris W.H. Greek Lessons: Showing How Useful and How Easy it is For Every One to Learn Greek
    • Hill Brian. Just Listen 'n Learn Greek
    • Matsukas Aristarhos. Teach Yourself Beginner's Greek
    • Michel Thomas Method: Greek Introductory Course
    • William Papas, Barba Yianni. Instant Greek
    • An Independent Study Guide to Reading Greek. Author: The Joint Association of Classical Teachers
    • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    • Archibald E.P., Brockliss W. Learning Latin and Greek from Antiquity to the Present
    • Linguaphone Greek. Νεοελληνική Σειρα
    • You speak Greek already. Publisher:
    • Filoglossia +. Greek for beginners
    • In-Flight Greek: Learn Before You Land
    • Watts Niki. Colloquial Greek
    • Sing in Greek / Τραγουδώ ελληνικά
    • William W. Goodwin. Greek grammar
    • Wied Carl, Gardner Mary. A short and easy modern Greek grammar; with grammatical and conversational exercises, idiomatic, proverbial phrases, and full vocabulary
    • HAU Greek Podcasts
    • Hunt Sheila, Couniacis Dennis. Teach Yourself Beginner's Greek
    • Reading Greek: Grammar, Vocabulary and Exercises. Cambridge University Press
    • Keller Andrew, Russell Stephanie. Learn to Read Greek.
    • Jourist. Greek for You
    • Kaliambou Maria. The Routledge Modern Greek Reader: Greek Folktales for Learning Modern Greek
    • Anderson Chuck (ed.) Greek Vocabulary Lessons
    • Oxford. Take Off in Greek
    • Major Wilfred E., Stayskal Byron. Teaching Greek Verbs
    • BBC Active. Get By in Greek: All the Greek You Need to Get by with Confidence
    • Jones P.V. et al. Reading Greek: Text and Vocabulary
    • Jones P.V. et al. Reading Greek: Grammar and Exercises
    • Kahane H. Spoken Greek: Book One, Book Two
    • Berlitz Publishing. Greek in 60 Minutes
    • Language/30. Greek Crash Course
    1. TeddyBeer 31 august 2019, 14:35 0
      Try to use «Teach Yourself» textbook in your native language. CD or MP3 for the textbook are must-have.
      1. Professora 26 august 2019, 09:03 0
        Try to combine different courses and choose what is the best for you. We cannot know what is the most suitable for your case.