Like the Language/Dislike the Culture

I was really into the German language. I was learning it for about 2 years and achieved B2 (Upper-Intermediate).
But, you know, I am not really into the German mindset. As soon as I find some penpals/native speaking friends, I cannot stay with them for long. My native German friends are really of a different mindset… Something from German culture, traditions, worldview prevents from progressing and building up my critically crucial German language skills. A typical German type of thinking, you know, like accuracy, rationality, a bit non-standard laws (like typical German laws for ALL kids to go to school, or forbidding any punishment for kids, or possibility to listen to/play some music only at certain hours).
You know, I noticed that I really like to play the German language, not to learn that. I cannot pick up true language skills. The applications, games, sites, podcasts, textbooks, audiocourses for learning German are really good. But this is all so superficial. I believe, an unability to feel the typical humour, traditions, culture, habits, worldview, type of thinking, laws, standard of the language you start to learn is the key for a language learning failure. :-(
Language hacking is critically dependent on your love, your passion for the culture, mindset and traditions of the country which language you learn…
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  1. Popsicle 25 february 2020, 18:17 +1
    Well, the inability to accept the culture of the language you are learning is quite an acute problem. Try not to concentrate on negative things, or at least ignore them, and find at least 5 positive things you really like in the culture and and the language you learn. For instance, I know, all German learners are crazy about Deutsche Welle. Besides, Austria is an amazing country, not really a typical German one. But Austrians speak the German language. Besides, what about beer? What about the best German vacuum cleaners Thomas? :-D What about the most delicious chocolate «Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut» — Ritter Sport?? You know, in your favourite Russian and English culture there are a lot of things which may be disliked by you or which you won't be able to accept. Some obstacles, something uninteresting or unpleasant in the culture of the language you learn is not really a cause to leave your language studies/learning. The world is colourful, you know.The world is multifaceted. The world is many-sided. And a burning desire to be open-minded, to be open to new opportunities, new changes, new horizons and new concepts must be the key feature of any language learner.