Online Courses for Post-Advanced in English

Do they actually exist?
Something like that:
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  1. TeddyBeer 11 october 2019, 22:29 0
    I am really obsessed with Coursera online courses. Have you ever tried any?
    I have tried courses in English on FutureLearn, eDX, but Coursera have become may favourite one.
    I am going to study programming, literature, political rhetorics and arts in English. Especially I am interested in creative writing. It is such a fun to study interesting subjects in English! You just need a bit of enthusiasm, curiosity, stubborness and boundless energy. Just try! You will get impressive results.
    Especially, if you study a paid course. You can get even some kind of a certificate for that. It is not really useful, but pleasant and can be helpful if you are going to do a Master's or a Bachelor's free of charge.
    1. Professora 31 august 2019, 18:45 0
      I do really like courses for preparation for IELTS online.
      1. Popsicle 26 august 2019, 08:54 0
        I have seen something like