Are there any FCE online courses?

I have never seen any, maybe I did not search thoroughly enough.
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  1. BigPigOnaDig 04 march 2020, 23:27 0
    I remember only Flo-Joe.
    By the way, now it is named «B2 First».
    I advise you to use Objective First course, Compact First, Complete First, First Trainer, open World First and of course to use an amazing Testbank from the official site.
    P.S. Do you need for adults or for schools? For children you will need the other courses, like:
    Compact First for Schools, Complete First for Schools, Prepare! Level 7, Cambridge English: First for Schools Practice Tests, First for Schools Trainer 2, etc. For adults I would advise to combine several courses (only a good methodologist can do that).