My memory is like a sieve...

I cannot memorize any words...2 years of studies are useless and in vain. I have been stuck at this stupid Intermediate Plateau!!! How can I overcome that?? I tried everything but my spelling and pronunciation are still horrible…
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  1. EagerBeaver 29 august 2019, 20:09 0
    Please, help!!!
    1. Popsicle 29 august 2019, 20:10 0
      Have you ever tried anagrams? Like these ones
      1. Brow 10 october 2019, 20:49 0
        You certainly need a highly professional teacher, a linguist, a tutor who will be able to help you. You won't manage that on you own.
        1. TeddyBeer 10 october 2019, 20:59 0
          Try gap-filling exercises. You can make them on your own for yourself. Just find any interesting article in English on the internet, create 2 copies of the text in MS Word, remove all prepositions and interesting words and then try to fill them in! Having done the exercise, check yourself using the first version of the text. It is great, isn't it? You can learn a lot just simply cramming gap-filling. You can do the same with your favourite detective stories, screenplays, news, novels, magazine articles and even books. Just try! And believe in yourself. Everything is going to be awesome.