What kind of textbooks for American English would

...you recommend?
What kind of textbooks for learning American English did you use yourself?
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  1. Brow 01 september 2019, 10:00 0
    I know a great deal of textbooks for learning American English. They are different, for learning American Business English, American Academic English, American English textbooks for Adults and Young Adults, American English textbooks for teens and small kids. I am going to enumerate them:

    Big English
    Phrase by Phrase: Pronunciation and Listening in American English
    First Friends (American English)
    American English File
    American English the Practical Way Textbook
    New American Streamline
    English Adventure
    Cambridge Read This! Fascinating Stories from the Content Areas — American English Reading Series for adult and young adult ESL students
    Lighthouse by Richmond American English Course for Primary School Children
    Cambridge Grammar and Beyond 4-Level American English Course for Adults
    American Think
    Interchange 5th Edition
    Passages 3rd Edition
    Grammar in Use
    Cambridge Discovery Education Interactive Readers
    Four Corners
    Grammar and Beyond Essentials
    Prism Reading
    In Focus
    Making Connections
    New Directions
    A Writer's Workbook
    Write to Be Read
    Writers at Work
    Active Listening
    Let's Talk
    Read This!
    Strategic Reading
    Grammar and Beyond
    Academic Encounters
    Clear Speech
    Clear Speech from the Start
    Skills for Effective Writing

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    Communicating in Business
    Skills for Success

    Cambridge Discovery Education Interactive Readers
    American English in Mind
    American More!

    Cambridge Little Steps American English
    Level Up
    Kid's Box Updated American English
    Guess What! American English
    Super Safari American English
    American English Primary Colors