Nice to meet you!

Hello guys! Nice to meet you! How have you been? 
After some time at the forum, let me introduce myself.

I am an educator, ESL/EFL teacher, researcher, business lady and a language coach. My fields of interest are: Oil and Gas Liquidity and Prices;Ballet, Traditional Chinese Music (instrumental, calm and peaceful); Nature, History, Science, Art, Culture, Design, Literature Museums (especially Ancient); Opera and African Gospel Singing; Programming, Web Design, Linux, Data Analysis and Data Science as well as Vector Art and Graphics; Rhetoric, Psychology of Languages, Philosophy of Languages, Cognition, Identity and Self-Identity; Time, Space and Resources Management and Self-Management; Zero Waste, Clean Eating and Veganism; Logic and Rationalism (especially Moral Foundations of Politics); Linguistics (Pragmalinguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Forensic Linguistics, etc); Cultural Differences, Mindest and Culture of African indigenous people (Bantu-speaking); KISS and SMART methods in Life and Business; Language Teaching and Learning Approaches.

What about you?

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