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Hello there, guys!

I have a question about tutoring/teaching English as a Second (Foreign) Language.

You know, I don't have much experience in teaching schoolchildren, especially teens and adolescents.

For some weird reason I have become popular in teaching teens, despite I don't know youngsters' psychology and mindset.

The problem I have now is the following: I NEVER force any student to rewrite their homework, even if  there is a great number of mistakes. I just write down ALL of their mistakes, explain them to the student or ask the student to find the mistakes, typos, slips and errors and when my student sees their problems in their homeworks, for the next time I give them a great variety of tasks and they are free to choose which task they would like to do, all of them are intriguing and funny (at least I try to do them funny) but all of them include the problematic zone which was noticed by me and have been explained by me to the student before.

However, when we are talking about school preparation -- the situation is rather different... I have to require to rewrite their homeworks until they are written perfectly because I know the school teacher doesn't care about the student's love for the subject, about their efforts, passion for learning, motivation, etc. In order to help the student to be praised by the school teacher not to have any problems in the future, I have to insist on multiple rewriting of their homeworks because frequently the student did not listen to me at the lesson, was inattentive, or  believes that ready made homeworks  and ready made answers from the internet are more correct than mine, or the student was in a hurry and tried to do everything as soon as possible to get rid of these nasty school tasks and to do what they like in their free time.

I probably know the answer for my question: I need to control every step of the student and double check during the lesson if the teen understands everything perfectly but sometimes it is rather impossible because of shortage of time or because the student pronounces everything in the right way, but when I see their work  on paper, the spelling is awful...

What do you think I need to do?? Check the student's understanding every 5 minutes? Ask them to spell every complicated word?? Or??

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    1. TeddyBeer 14 april 2020, 12:13 0
      Yes, you have named these ways:
      • Check the student's understanding every 5 minutes.
      • Ask them to spell every complicated word.
      • Be highly accurate with the rules, spellings, pronounciation, ideas you say, pronounce, correct; and the things you explain to the student (some slips of tongue are quickly memorized by kids and teens and they proceed to use the wrong constructions later.)