Best Longman-Pearson Textbooks (Pronunciation)

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Focus on Pronunciation 1,2,3 + CD, +CD-ROM
Lane Linda
Pearson Education
Series: Focus on Pronunciation

The new edition of Focus on Pronunciation 1 gives beginning to high-beginning students the tools, tips, and techniques they need to speak clearly, accurately, and fluently. All aspects of pronunciation are included – consonants, vowels, stress, rhythm, and intonation. The variety of activities and flexible, accessible style make learning fun.
How to Teach Pronunciation
+ Audio CD
Kelly Gerald
Pearson Education
Series: How to Teach…

* Provides detailed analyses of key topics such as vowels, consonants, stress and intonation, with a variety of sample lessons for each topic.
* Includes a photocopiable Learner's Reference Chart of English Sounds, a breakdown of common pronunciation errors, and pronunciation and spelling tables.
* Audio CD with spoken examples of sounds, words and phrases from the book bringing the theory to life.

Sound Advantage: Instructor's Manual. A Pronunciation Book
An instructor's manual to accompany a book that focuses on those elements that are essential for successful pronunciation: stress; intonation; individual sounds; linking; reductions; ellipsis; consonant replacements; and inflectional endings.
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
John Wells
Pearson Education
Series: Longman Dictionary

This new third edition of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary gives students detailed guidance on over 225,000 pronunciations. Fully revised for 2008, it includes new words such as iTunes, Skype andTikrit. This new edition also includes the brand new Longman Pronunciation Coach CD-ROM which gives students practical help to improve their own pronunciation.

Need help with pronunciation?

The Longman Pronunciation Dictionary:
• Helps students with over 225,000 pronunciations in both British and American English using the International Phonetic Alphabet
• Helps students with intonation by showing the stress patterns of thousands of compounds and idioms
• User-friendly graphs show the preferred pronunciations of British and American speakers, based on extensive research by Professor Wells

NEW — now with the Longman Pronunciation Coach CD-ROM
• Students can listen to the pronunciation of all entries in British and American English, then record and check their own pronunciation
• Self Study Lab — Students can learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and practise their pronunciation with thousands of interactive exercises and feedback from Professor Wells
• Teachers' Resource Centre provides you with downloadable exercises for use in class
Any other textbooks??
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