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The only good book on pronunciation I know is «Test Your Pronunciation» from Longman Pearson.
(Actually, I am crazy about all their books in this textbook series: Test Your Grammar And Usage For FCE, Test Your Idioms, Test Your Listening, Test Your Phrasal Verbs, Test Your Prepositions, Test Your Professional English Accounting, Test Your Professional English Business Full Set, Test Your Professional English Hotel and Catering, Test Your Professional English Law, Test Your Professional English Management, Test Your Professional English Marketing, Test Your Professional English Secretarial, Test Your Reading, Test Your Verbs, Test Your Vocabulary Full Set and many others).
There is a similar textbook series from Collins: Work on Your Grammar, Work on Your Vocabulary, Work on Your Phrasal Verbs, Work on Your Idioms, Work on Your Handwriting, Work on Your Accent (video, audio, textbook). But I don't really like this series from Collins. Their Idioms, Vocabulary and Phrasal Verbs textbooks (all levels) are amazing, but their pronunciation book is not really a great one.
I do really like the site «Improve Your Accent» from the pronunciation coach Luke, but his lessons are quite expensive.
Do you know some good textbooks, manuals or video courses which are highly professional, useful and help to improve skills drastically? Especially something like «a real» Pronunciation Coach.
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  1. BigPigOnaDig 03 march 2020, 20:23 0
    Have you actually tried «Master Spoken English — Feeling Phonics» by Gene Zerna and Arthur Lessac?