Critical Thinking/Philosophical/Puzzling Courses

Do you know any good Critical Thinking/Philosophical/Puzzling Courses in English on Coursera?
I wanna puzzle myself.
I have found pretty interesting questions for discussions, like, «Why is beauty associated with morality?», «Will the world come to an end by human hands?», «Do we control technology or is technology controlling us?» «Will stricter laws make a better world?» «Moral and Legitimate, Illegitimate and Immoral, Immoral but Legitimate, Moral but Illegitimate» but I am interested in more chicken VS egg questions. Looking forward to your constructive comments, guys.
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  1. Industrialist 02 march 2020, 13:36 0
    Well, I would say some questions you have named are purely psychological ones but not not puzzling, or puzzling but philosophical. :=D
    1. LadyGiraff 02 march 2020, 13:20 +2
      Try «Moral Foundations of Politics» by Yale University.
      1. Professora 02 march 2020, 14:18 0
        Thank you very much. An amazing course! I have been watching for the whole morning.