Daily Healthy Habits of Any Language Hacker

Well, let's talk about crucial positive habits which can change life of every person for the better. As a famous song says: «Always Look on the Bright Side of Life» ;-)
Please be patient, I am going to ask a good number of questions. I am indecently curious (or even provocatively curious), you know!
Please feel free to reply the questions you have liked the most. It is not a test or quiz, I don't require you guys to answer every single question I have typed. I have just decided to write down every single question which looks like pertinent for me.
You may refuse to be drawn if some questions appear for you to be a bit awkward, too embarrassing or too straightforward. If you think that the question is a bit tricky, try to write what you think. Any constructive comments are welcomed. Well, let's begin! :=D
What do you do every evening to have sweet dreams?
What do you do every morning to start a new day positively?
What do you do every Friday/Saturday/Sunday to end a week with good results?
What do you do every Sunday/Monday to start a week being full of energy and motivation?
What do you do every first day of month to be keep moving forward?
What do you do every last day of month?
What do you do every spring to be ready for warmer days?
What do you do every winter to be ready to accomplish far more than you expect?
What do you do every summer to be ready for autumn?
What do you do every autumn to be enthusiastic enough for a positive start of a new academic or school year?
What do you usually do before holidays for being ready to fully relax?
What do you usually do after holidays for being ready to concentrate on your working or studying process?
What do you usually do before starting a new job, a new educational programm or a new hobby?
What do you always do before lunch to get on with your day in a perfect way?
What do you always do before you get up?
What do you always do before going out?
What do you always do before coming home?
What do you like to do before having breakfast?
What do you like to do before having supper?
What kind of positive habits did you have when you were a child but don't follow them now?
What kind of powerful habits of your close friends or near relatives would you like to copy but cannot for some reason?
What kind of inspiring, memorable or motivational habits have you heard your idols, actors, actresses, artists, singers, businesspeople, programmers, designers, writers, journalists, multibillionaires or just successful people are used to be following and you would like to repeat?
What kind of interesting or weird habits will probably change your life upside down in a positive sense but you will never follow them?

...Whew! Looks like I have asked you guys everything I wanted by now :=D
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  1. OlgaHelga 02 march 2020, 21:54 0
    Every morning I aerate my room. A breath of fresh air is a new beginning.
    Aerate your room and help positive energy infiltrate your life. :=D
    Let's take a deep breath and smile.
    1. Professora 02 march 2020, 14:23 0
      Well, I can reply certainly to one question. :-)
      Every early morning I drink a glass of juice. Sometimes I don't do that because I don't have a good juicer and packaged juices are not very good, but I try to follow this rule. I will try to be consistent and stick to my juicing diet for a while.
      1. BigPigOnaDig 02 march 2020, 08:33 0
        Looks like you are training yourself on how to spell some interrogatory/grammar bites or just gather some bank of interesting questions, but I really like how sensible your questions are.
        I will try to respond to some of them a bit later.