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I am pretty puzzled. A friend of mine (she is a German teacher) has always been using online libraries with textbooks from well-known publishing houses as Klett, Langenscheidt,CIDEB-BlackCat-Publishers, Duden and many more. What the best thing is--she has been using all the awesome, useful, and motivating learning exercises online! She never buys/downloads anything! She pays about 5 euro for some kind of online subscription or has been using something like this
It is soo cool, soo spectacular, you know!!! I am tired of buying, scanning or downloading books and textbooks… What's more, sometimes my memory sticks or outer HD disk stopped working…
I cannot keep all the learning/teaching materials on my PC, it is a bit old and doesn't work properly, and it is soo unpleasant to start a lesson and be shocked when you see that your memory sticks or drives cannot display all the materials you have thoroughly prepared!
Does anybody know any kind of online libraries for teachers? It is better if they are with some kind of subscription/online access.
Please, tell me if you know! I desperately need anything like that. Thank you very much in advance. :-)
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  1. Industrialist 02 march 2020, 13:47 0
    Hmm, nobody named any kind of library for teachers…
    Especially I am interested in K-12 materials for English teachers.
    Something like Usborne Phonics Readers, Pearson Action Cards, Reported Speech Exercises for Teens, etc.
    1. TeddyBeer 29 february 2020, 20:52 +2
      I like to use this feature from the Free Dictionary

      You can choose any words which start/end with some specific syllable and train your students' reading/spelling skills.
      1. KseniaFromSmartprogress 29 february 2020, 20:48 +2
        I like some vocabulary cards like over there
        It is not an ideal resource, but it may be useful.
        1. LadyGiraff 29 february 2020, 20:45 +2
          I wish I knew :-(
          I know only Memrise/Quizlet/Worksheets libraries.
          Sometimes I use grammar exercises from this resource and others like that.
          But, anyway, my lessons are always individually-tailored. Firstly I dig for funny commercials/nice learning videos/cartoons, worksheets and vocabulary cards, then try to adapt the material for every learner. Textbooks is not always of great help to me. Frequently happens that my students dislike the topics/vocabulary/exercises in some textbooks and I have to create something new to teach and amuse them… It is always some kind of adventure — to prepare a super-duper lesson.