MSU Russian as Foreign (courses for Teachers)

Looks like they are amazing!
I have tried some courses at Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Moscow, Russia) and they are a bit outdated.
I have found Moscow State University public page in (Teaching Russian a Foreign Language).
They suggest an outstanding library of textbooks and fully packed course for future teachers. I have surfed on the internet and have found a nasty article about their courses
Looks like, the author of the text just doesn't understand that teaching a foreign language and teaching her native language is a bit different thing. Maybe she is just used to Pearson/Cengage Teacher's books where every step of a teacher is explained. But what's more probable, the author of the text cannot just break the bonds of her native language, she cannot see the system of Russian and what she needs is not Approaches and Methods, but just a Bachelor's degree in Russian. :-D
The MSU Teaching Courses are for those, who just need teaching approaches and methods,you know, communicative, grammar-translation, lexical, audiolingual, TPR or others.
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  1. BigPigOnaDig 02 march 2020, 08:42 0
    What about any other courses from well-known institutions or universities except Pushkin Institute and MSU?
    I am not really interested in any amateur courses which proceed to be popularized. I am pretty curious about real courses which are made according to the standards (modeled by state institutions/universities).
    1. Brow 29 february 2020, 20:29 +1
      Hmm, yes, the author of the article is a bit judgemental, but maybe at that time, when the author attended the MSU courses they were not so useful like they are now. Or maybe she just wanted a ready-made receipt and when she was provided with a huge library, she just did not know where to start… Anyway, I have not attended Pushkin/MSU courses yet, I cannot make any conclusions. But I visited MSU public page and it is undoubtedly good