Holiday Gifts for Any Happy Language Hacker

What are your best holiday gifts?
I mean, special holiday gifts for people who are in love with languages. :-)
Of course, languageholics don't mind common things like a set of 20 fluffy cotton socks, a set of colouring gel pens (various colours), a set of bullet journals, hardcover copybooks or notebooks, a special collection of your favourite author's books (preferably foreign), a set of eco-friendly cotton bags for food and books…
But what would you personally prefer? Maybe, some premium access to interesting educational courses, some apps for binge-reading,something for obtaining a new qualification in languages?
Like courses in translation, interpreting, copywriting, teaching approaches and methods?
Or you would rather like to get a new gadget, an expensive device which perfectly suits your basic needs in languages?
Something cutting-edge or old but dear?
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  1. Brow 25 february 2020, 12:13 0
    I would be really happy if I were given an online SAT course.
    Having been thinking about SAT passing approaches and methods for quite a long time.
    Of maybe some kind of subscription to a famous electronic magazine, newspaper or podcast service in the language I learn.
    Besides, I would be really glad to be given a subscription to a teaching access to some kind of library of worksheets, a library of additional materials for famous Cengage, National Geographic, Pearson textbooks. Any kind of bank with interactive, educational videos on different topics like Sport, Cuisine, Literature, Movies with subtitles or quiz ideas would come in handy.
    1. TeddyBeer 23 february 2020, 20:54 +1
      I would be really glad to have Oxford Learner's Bookshelf, teacher's access.
      If somebody gave me that as a gift, I would be really grateful.
      Or the textbook «1000 Trios or gapped sentences for Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency Exams» (paper copy, and it would be better if it was a hardcover one).
      Or any kind of opportunity to do a Master's degree in Teaching the Russian Language as Foreign (there are some online programms at Moscow State University and Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, but right now my time and budget possibilities are a bit limited.) :-(