Early to bed, early to rise

My current job prevents me from stable learning languages. I have to wake up at 4 a.m.
Sometimes I work from 2.30 p.m.up to 6 a.m.
So, I sleep all the day long.
I believe it is not very healthy. Of course, it is better to set an alarm, but sometimes I am too lazy and I wake up every 3-4 hours just because I am afraid to oversleep.
Maybe, it is better to set alarms for two following weeks beforehand?
I am not that perfect in time-management and that makes me a bit nervous.
I really like my job because it provides me with a good sum of money and mostly I work from home. Besides, my job is connected with some languages.
However, my inability for planning and setting a strict schedule for my free time makes me really angry.
How do you handle your timetable? How do you introduce some structure into your life?
Is it realistically possible to be clockwise if you are used to leading some sloppy and messy life routine?
Today I have awaken with a splitting headache but the problem is that I have personally chosen that schedule for myself before because I felt more comfortable to be a night owl.
What do you think, how can I train myself to become smarter in the schedule and life routine principles?
Maybe I just need to sit and plan the next week, etc. Being a sloppy coach potato is not quite good…
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  1. LadyGiraff 25 february 2020, 11:59 0
    Well, sometimes we just need some days when we can fully relax. To sleep a bit more, to watch our favourite comedy shows, funny commercials or sketches. Of course, messy schedule is not good, but even having some kind of messy, unorganized schedule doesn't prevent you from being productive or having great results. It mostly depends on the source where you dig for energy. Try to drink more fresh juices, eat more fruit, encourage yourself. Of course, there are some days when you feel dog-tired but I believe not every your day is like that. Have a positive attitude towards your life routine and you will notice positive changes!
    1. TeddyBeer 23 february 2020, 20:58 +1
      The same about me. :-(
      No good schedule, no good time-management, a lot of meaningless procrastination, but a great deal of positive thinking and creativity.
      Probably, in my previous life I was an artist. Or a poet. Who knows?
      1. Popsicle 24 february 2020, 21:06 +1
        @TeddyBeer, @Professora,
        You know, I noticed that it is important what you have watched/read/listened before your sleep.
        If you work a lot (we are all workaholics and linguaholics here), it is better to choose something positive to watch before you are going to bed. Choose some light, traditional, instrumental music, something soft and calm. Or, may be it will be useful for you, for a good sleep to concentrate on one positive idea you need to reliaze tomorrow.
        Making a good schedule is a tricky thing, and it is much more tricky to obey your rules and the trict timetable you are going to implement in your life.
        Start with some baby steps and you will end with great results. Good luck!