Learning Vector Graphics and Languages

I am pretty curious about combining several ideas, multitasking (multiAsking, hehe *_*), getting a new flow of inspiration from obtaining a new skill, like vector drawing, icon drawing, fractal drawing, doodling and improving some language skills. Now I can imagine only one way: to listen to a good language training course and draw something. First of all, you will be able to concentrate on your drawing while some positive information flowing through your mind, secondly, if the audio course is monotonous and repetitive enough, you will be able to memorize some chunks, some grammar bites, some vocabulary pieces.
Another way to practice a language and a bit of graphics is handwriting. It is better to handwrite an article or a book you have listened to many times before. If you listened to that, retold that several times or spoke about that, the following handwriting will improve your memorization of vocabulary chunks, grammar bites and language units. But your handrwriting must be accurate and clear enough and of course the process must be pleasant, joyful and captivating for you. Of course, when you handwrite, you need to concentrate on the writing process. So listening is profitable only when you draw, but not when you handwrite.
Just some ideas which I applied before. What about your inspiration, you ideas to dig some motivation and skyrocketing your language skills? Do you believe multitasking can be a way for improving language skills? I am pretty curious about something that can build up grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills in any foreign languge you learn.
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