Skyrocketing Your Listening Skill

Is there any way to improve a listening skill in foreign languages?
I believe, one of the most important skills now is an ability to concentrate on the thing you are listening to.
Mindfulness is the key.
Well, not actually mindfulness, but building up a habit to be hungry for any piece of information, any text, any audio track, any word. When you learn foreign languages, you need to stay hungry for foreign languages. To stay always interested, curious, captured, intrigued by the information you are going to listen to. Stay hungry, stay positive, stay motivated!
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  1. Professora 25 february 2020, 16:51 0
    Well, I do agree with that: to stay hungry for the information is the key. The same with reading: if you are hungry for the text, if you want to read that, you will be motivated enough to understand every detail, every suffix, every prefix, every noun or preposition. If you are not curious enough, if you are not interested enough, you won't be able to understand the text. Our skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking are wholly depedent on the format of communication which is the most captivating for us. If we really like to exchange written pieces of texts, it means the text in a written form is the most curious thing for us. We practice that a lot, and get the proportionated results.