Is sport beneficial for learning languages?

I am a coach potato and personally don't know how to motivate myself to be more sportive.
If anybody told me that some mild sport activity can be really good for memory, concentration or improving my reading skills, I would be really grateful, you know.
I am not energetic enough, I wish some kind of project like «sport+studies» or «sport+language hacking» would be created. But of course, the coach should be experienced and know enough about some side effects and problems which a person who is not really active can face.
I do like walking, but the weather sometimes is too ghastly even for walking.No shoes will stand the similar weather. :-(
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  1. Professora 28 february 2020, 18:08 0
    Huh, I started jogging and listening to an audiobook and caught a cold. :-D
    The best weapon that we need for sport and language activities is just a good pair of running shoes.
    So funny, but only a good pair of training shoes can save our health, our mood and our productivity.
    You know, I was preparing for my first jogging for a week and as the result, my shoes have turned to be leaky and my throat has turned to be sore. :-D
    1. TeddyBeer 21 february 2020, 12:06 +1
      Somebody told me that jogging may be beneficial for learning any language. For instance, you are jogging in a park, or you are jogging in the gym, or you are cycling and listening to some cool audio training course, like Earworms or from Goethe Verlag or our adorable Luke's English podcast: or just download a lot of podcasts from 60 Seconds Science
      You are training your heart muscle, your legs, your lungs, and your mind as well! Besides, if you know the language you learn pretty well, you can start listening to some Business podcasts, Psychology podcasts, Culture podcasts and many more in the language you are learning or studying!
      However, it is impossible to use such tracks when you are playing tennis or swimming or diving :-D
      But, well, you can turn on some good audio course when you are doing some sit-ups, push-ups, etc.
      Besides, it is an amazing companion for you when you are washing the floors, or washing the dishes. But in this case it is more suitable to use some headphones because the splashes of water may drown the sound! ;-)