Improving Your Reading Skill

Is it true that reading on smartphone/iphone/tablet is more effective than reading a common book/e-book or on PC?
I have heard it is much more capturing.
I personally, read much more when I read on my smartphone rather than when I read on my PC/tablet. But I have heard it might be harmful for eyes.
What do you think? Is it really that harmful? Is it really that nasty? :-) I believe, some methods (if they are pretty effective) should be used despite some minor harm.
However, I don't read on my smartphone quite often. I have the cheapest model of a smartphone which is discharged in no time. Besides, my smartphone is pretty old and buggy. Maybe, in the near future I will buy some more advanced model, but I am not sure. Despite all the advantages, I am not a great fan of smartphones/iphones.
You know, I am not really tech-savvy. I believe, it will take me about 30 years to become more comfortable with new gadgets. :-P
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  1. TeddyBeer 21 february 2020, 14:04 +1
    Well, you just need to find something that will really capture your attention, something that is really intriguing, funny or motivating.
    When you find your favourite topic, it will not be so important what kind of devices you are going to use- smartphone, iPhone, laptop, tablet, PC, e-reader or just a common paper book, magazine, journal or newspaper. I believe devices have started to play a too important role in our lives, when we need to focus on the concept, theme or idea, we concentrate on gadgets. It is not that good, I believe.
    Replacing the meaning with a method is not always a way out. :-(
    1. LadyGiraff 27 february 2020, 11:42 +1
      I do agree with you. The key, as Olga said, is to stay hungry for the texts, for the information. It is the key of any motivation, any reading-improving (speaking, listening) activities.
      By the way, about teaching learners to read: my favourite method is PhonExx exerciser by Nazarov. Unfortunately, I have only the first volume. Has anybody got the second volume? It is the most powerful book to teach learners to read (I mean, teaching them to read and spell monosyllables and multisyllables). I have not got any news from Nazarov for ages! I wish I could meet him or could talk to him once again and see his new volumes!