Baby steps and the main goal

Somebody wrote about the importance of baby steps for some major goal.
I am curious: have you seen your major goal when you started to do some baby steps?
I just believe the major goal is not born at once, usually, we take some baby steps just because we like it, not vice versa, baby steps are not taken usually to pursue some huge goals. Ardent fans achieve a lot not because they follow some distant goals, but because they have passion which they actually pursue…
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  1. Professora 19 february 2020, 16:02 0
    Well, yes, you are right, it is quite difficult to pursue some long-distant goal which looks unachievable just with a single idea in your mind:«I need to reach for the stars!»
    But some obstinate people do that, for instance, when they start slimming down process.
    Usually, appetite comes with eating. When you start something new, it is always a bit uncomfortable, a bit inconvenient, a bit unpleasant or intrusive. However, step by step, page by page, hour by hour, you progress drastically and improve your chances to get something bigger, more interesting, more capturing your attention, more motivating for yourself. It is quite a controversial question, like a puzzle: What was the first: The Chicken or The Egg?
    Yes, you need to follow your dreams, but you need some strategy and tactics to build your route.
    Sometimes even progressing anyhow might be a great help, sometimes acting without plan might ruin everything…
    1. Popsicle 28 february 2020, 18:29 0
      Huh, the key problem only is to find your main goal. What if I don't know what the most important, crucial, necessary for myself now is?
      Sometimes finding out the main idea takes the same amount of time, efforts and patience as following that. :-(