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Doing something for 15 minutes per day every day may lead you...well, this may lead to many interestings things.
I can share my story.
I started to write every day since I was 8 y.o.
Firstly I wrote in my native language.
My writing was mostly for school — homework exercises, contest essays, diaries, etc.
I even won some awards at some local contests for my good writing skills, some artisitic vision and a bit of a talent.
Then I proceeded with writing. I was already adolescent and with a helping hand of my close relative I started to write for some magazines and journals. I was published in a real, well-known edition when I was 21 y.o. It was mostly in my native language.
Since I was 16 y.o. I started practicing to write in English almost every day. There were some gap years when I had to forget about improving my English writing skills because I had some kind of problems with my health, job and my degrees.
However, since 2011 I have been writing in the English language almost every single day.
I had lots of penpals, I practiced my writing on some foreign forums, I texted in some skype, discord, telegram and other chats.
Has it ended with some kind of success? Well, certainly, yes. I got my first orders for translating, I wrote several serious copywriting works, and now I am going to publish my first book. It is partly in English, partly in my native language.
The most interesting thing I understood about English is that in the English language I can share things and tell my readers about things which look like absolutely not captivating in my native language. The English vision is absolutely different from the vision of the language I was born with. The new language is the new world, new planet, new insight, new understanding, new vision and maybe even new fate. :-)
How is it actually connected with Sport, Creativity, Binge Reading, Music, Losing Weight, and many other spheres?
Well, if you proceed with anything from these things and are obstinate enough, you will certainly end with something…
A new day is a new start.
So, please, proceed!
P.S. be sure that the field you have chosen is really what you want: what is interesting for you, interesting for others and really, really beneficial.
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  1. Professora 28 february 2020, 18:16 0
    Such an inspiring topic!
    I want to follow your piece of advice and start learning another language.
    Or maybe to do something with my pronunciation: you know, a bit of improving will be none the worse for myself.
    Your boundless productivity, a burning desire to keep moving forward and a great deal of enthusiasm make me believe that everything is possible in our life. Even achieving a C2 level in Hebrew when you are already 90 y.o. :-D