Losing weight+Learning a Language. My diary

Hello there, folks!
I am going to post there my diary of losing weight and practicing the English language.
You can join as well, just like some kind of start to practice writing in any language you really like.
I am going to share my diet: I am a flexitarian. It means: «a flexiable vegetarian». I am trying to eat meat not more than once a week. It is actually my goal, because from time to time I eat meat much more frequently. I have chosen some products which are really cheap and easy to get at my place: apples, tangerines, oranges, beetroots, cabbage, as well as cauliflower, broccoli, I would really want to include here Romanesco broccoli, but it is not easy to buy it sometimes, so, I will just keep it in mind,and of course, carrots, all the types of herbal, aromatic teas, green tea, a bit of coffee (it is better to drink that without milk and sugar for me, but when I don't feel really well, I have to put up with some dose of milk and sugar). Besides different kinds of grain, — rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, pearlbarley. I am not a great fan of flaxseed porridge or lentil porridge :-(
I am crazy about different kinds of mineral water, ayran, fat-free yogurt, stewed fruit. Every day I drink a glass of juice, but the problem it is mostly «packaged one», not a fresh one. It is not very healthy, I believe. However, it is not always possible to use a juice squeezer.
Thank you for reading my, a bit messy, message, I will try to proceed later if anybody is interested. :-)
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  1. TeddyBeer 18 february 2020, 16:19 +1
    I really like your idea of starting a weight control diary.
    You know, sometimes the problem of slimming down is connected with the nasty habit of food economy.
    As you know, economy is a good servant but a bad master. Sometimes, when we have delicious things which we have bought recently and which can be expired soon, we start to eat them a lot even if we don't want to…
    Besides, if you don't really like to cook, you always try to eat the well-cooked dishes more than your body requires…
    1. Popsicle 23 february 2020, 15:28 0
      @TeddyBeer thank you for your comment.
      You know, I started to drink a lot of strong tea brew with hot water, cold milk and some lumps of sugar. It mostly water, so, I believe, it will replace any other fatty and sugary products somehow. Sometimes I drink a lot of ayran, strong coffee without sugar, milk or cream and this drink which is mostly cold tea brew with hot water and a daily dose of sugar and milk. Today I ate an amazing salad from boiled beetroot and garlic with a bit of sauce. I believe I need to do more sit-ups (or crunches, how do you call that actually?) and walk a bit more often.
      As for my languages, I really want to buy a subscription to Blinkist (an app for binge-reading), but they require to pay for a year at once and it is not really convenient for me, I dunno what I will do in 3 months! How can I buy a subscription for a whole year? *_* o_O
      That's the problem, I even cannot finish the books I have started reading before. It sooo problematic for me, you know… To finish the projects I started a while ago. I always keep doing something meaningless or not important! I really dislike my procastinasting style, but if only you could know how much effort it required for me to start writing my thesis at the uni! I thought I would never finish the first chapter… And now, when it is almost finished, I have the same trouble with all the other things! For instance, I have promised to buy a drawing easel for my cousin, and I proceed to postpone this idea till the better times… Hopefully, I will have bought that by the end of the next week… It is really not good to let procrastion take power over me!