Do you really like biopics?

I would rather prefer books than movies.
What about you?
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  1. Professora 11 october 2019, 22:33 0
    I am into action and horror movies. And British TV talk-shows.
    As for the topic, yes, biopics can be great as wel as biography novels. It depends on the structure, plot, communicative aim of the author, style, and who is the writer (scriptwriter); and music and background pictures are important for biopics as well!!!
    1. Professora 06 october 2019, 00:46 0
      I would rather like books.
      I never watch movies, only when my mom is watching and I have to make her company.
      But she usually watches in Russian and she prefers TV shows (talk-shows).
      You know, we even don't have a TV set, we use the internet to watch TV. It is so funny and probably weird.
      But I am not so obsessed with TV and I don't think it is a good idea to be a binge-watcher.