The Best English Grammar Books (Intermediate)

  1. Intermediate Grammar Games (Photocopiable ELT Games and Activities Series) Paperback – 13 Feb 2003
  2. Hill Shirley Ann, Freeman Michael Lacey. Change up! Intermediate Grammar Plus
  3. Hadfield J. Intermediate Grammar Games
  4. Inside Out Intermediate Grammar Companion
  5. Laser intermediate grammar bank (B1)
  6. SpeakOut Intermediate Grammar practice Extra
  7. Life Intermediate-Grammar Practice Worksheets
  8. Focus 3 Intermediate Grammar Quizzes / Vocabulary Quizzes/Pearson Longman, 2016
  9. Jackson Andy, Jackson Audrey. Intermediate Grammar Worksheets. Photocopiable resource
  10. Chalker Sylvia. Intermediate Grammar Workbook 3
  11. Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students. Student's Book/ 3rd edition. — Pearson Education Limited, 2007. — 195 p.
  12. Grammar Genius. Student's Book
  13. Thomson A.J., Martinet A.V. A Practical English Grammar
  14. Carling M., Jervis S. Grammar Time 3
  15. Evans Virginia, Dooley Jenny. On Screen B1. Workbook & Grammar Book/Express Publishing, 2015.
  16. McCarthy M., McCarten J., Clark D., Clark R. Grammar for business
  17. Bolton David, Goodey Noel. English Grammar in Steps
  18. Paterson Ken. Oxford Living Grammar. Intermediate
  19. Eastwood John. Oxford Practice Grammar with Answers
  20. Murphy Raymond, Altman Roann. English grammar in use: Reference and Practice for Intermediate students
  21. Simon Péter. The Grammaring Guide to English Grammar with Exercises
  22. Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Robin Torres-Gouzerh
  23. ESL Intermediate/Advanced Grammar (English as a Second Language Series) by Munoz Page, Mary Ellen and Gras Ph.D., Dr. Steven Michael
  24. ESL Grammar: Intermediate & Advanced Premium Edition with e-Flashcards (English as a Second Language Series) by Munoz Page, Mary Ellen
  25. MacMillan English Grammar in Context. Intermediate
  26. Understanding and Using English Grammar with Audio CDs and Answer Key (4th Edition) by Betty S. Azar and Stacy A. Hagen
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  1. OlgaHelga 12 october 2019, 08:48 0
    An immense list! Cool! Do we have anything like that for Vocabulary books? Something for learning collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs? We obviously need that.