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Speaking Training Course. Crash Course Of Russian.

The Best Course to Learn Russian as a Foreign (Second) Language Smarter, Faster, Easier!
Rewarding Life
An amazing test for estimating your level of well-being :-)
The schedule of ESL/EFL webinars for teachers
Macmillan, Relod, Oxford, Cambridge and many more ESL/EFL webinars for Russian teachers.
Do you like Skulte Textbooks for Beginners?
I am fond of them :-)
What about you?
I have used them for many of my students.
Amazing thing.
Do you attend webinars by Macmillan?
As well as Pearson, Oxford, Cambridge, Relod and others? :-)
I am just curious.
I really like them.
Grammar Bites
What are your favourite grammar bites resources?? For exercising and checking rules?
I am fond of Cambridge Dictionary Online, Blue Grammar Book, Longman Free Exercises, Perfect English Grammar, AgendaWeb, British Council.
Besides there are amazing courses on English Grammar on Coursera, FutureLearn, edX.
Moreover, I am crazy about some apps, even simple ones, like Duolingo.
What's more, I do love cramming books, some good exercise books like Grammar in Use can be efficient.
Do you really like biopics?
I would rather prefer books than movies.
What about you?
Any online libraries with free of charge
biographical books? Self-teach books, marketing, diets, programming are as well of great interest.
Especially everything new, the latest editions.
Do you know any sites which pay for English
Except wizardwrites?
Looking for French, German, Italian sites and companies which are interested in booking original texts.
Vocabulary Exercises,Quizzes,Word Challenges
Firstly I wanted to write about the best online dictionaries, but then I understood you have already heard about that.
That's why I have decided to write about the best online vocabulary quizzes, exercises and word challenges.

Probably, this site www.vocabulary.com/ makes your mouth sore. :D It is a well-known resource, pretty boring, with lots of exercises for training and boosting english vocabulary, which contains Latin and Greek roots.

Are there any other good resources for enriching our vocabulary?

Of course, there are some. I will show some powerful vocabulary builders to you.

First of all, there are some awesome vocabulary exercises from the online dictionary Collins
If you click at the very top, at the black space, at the second word after the word «dictionary» (Quiz), there will be opened a page with lots of different quizzes: grammar quizzes, commonly confused words quizzes, thematic word lists quizzes, as well as exercises in other languages (German grammar exercises, French, Italian, Spanish, and even training Chinese characters. All the exercises are divided into groups and you can easily find what you need.

The next one, my favourite resource is Merriam-Webster www.merriam-webster.com/word-games

You can enrich your vocabulary a lot, doing exercises at this site. Over here is a lot that waits to be done for a studious learner: spelling exercises, weekly challenges of the most difficult words, true or false exercises, name that thing exercises.

Besides, there is one more very practically-applicable, useful and interesting site.
Longman-Pearson Online Dictionary.
Over there is a great deal of amazing exercises, for training vocabulary (idioms, phrasal verbs, collocations, and more) grammar exercises, international exams exercises (CAE, FCE, CPE, IELTS, PTE, TOEIC) and even for training pronunciation and listening skills. Is not it amazing, huh?