Chinese for English Speakers

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  1. Professora 06 september 2019, 19:16 0
    Some textbooks, programs, audio and video courses as well as linguistic research may be interesting for you. Please, check.

    • Hainzinger Mike. Chinese With Mike: Mandarin Chinese Made Fun and Easy.
    • Pimsleur Chinese
    • Learn Chinese the Easy Way
    • FSI Standard Chinese
    • Boya Chinese
    • Contemporary Chinese
    • Integrated Chinese
    • Liu Xun. New Practical Chinese Reader
    • Kan Qian. Colloquial Chinese
    • Rosetta Stone Chinese
    • Interactive Chinese
    • Ma Jianfei. Short-term Spoken Chinese
    • BookBox. Learn Chinese with subtitles
    • Glossika Chinese Mandarin
    • Intensive Elementary Chinese Course
    • Yabla Chinese
    • Encounters: Chinese Language and Culture
    • Yangyang Cheng. Yoyo Chinese: Instructional Audio, Beginner Conversational Chinese
    • Defense Language Institute: Chinese
    • Chinese for children first 300 words
    • Lee Philip Yungkin. Chinese in a Flash
    • Kubler Cornelius C. Intermediate Written Chinese: Read and Write Mandarin Chinese As the Chinese Do. Reading Exercises.
    • Mente Boye Lafayette De. Survival Chinese: How to Communicate without Fuss or Fear — Instantly!
    • Jiang Wenying. Acquisition of Word Order in Chinese as a Foreign Language
    • Wang Ping, Chen Yangbin. Chinese for advanced learners: language, society and culture
    • Rocket Language. Chinese All Conversations
    • Li Dong. Learner's Chinese-English Dictionary
    • Brickman Suzanne. Learn to Speak Chinese: Beginning Mandarin Chinese for Native English Speakers
    • Defense Language Institute. A Contrastive Study of English and Mandarin Chinese
    • Posehn Aaron. chinEASE. Start Reading Chinese Characters Today!
    • McNaughton William. Reading and Writing Chinese
    • Pimsleur Paul. Pimsleur Chinese Mandarin Course
    • Shen Yan. Barron's AP Chinese Language and Culture
    • Zhang Pengpeng. Rapid Literacy in Chinese
    • De Mente B.L., Fan Jiageng (eds.) Survival Chinese
    • Tsai Wei-Tien Dylan, Li Audrey, Simpson Andrew (eds.) Chinese Syntax in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective
    • Packard J.L. The Morphology of Chinese: A Linguistic and Cognitive Approach