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Is sport beneficial for learning languages?
I am a coach potato and personally don't know how to motivate myself to be more sportive.
If anybody told me that some mild sport activity can be really good for memory, concentration or improving my reading skills, I would be really grateful, you know.
I am not energetic enough, I wish some kind of project like «sport+studies» or «sport+language hacking» would be created. But of course, the coach should be experienced and know enough about some side effects and problems which a person who is not really active can face.
I do like walking, but the weather sometimes is too ghastly even for walking.No shoes will stand the similar weather. :-(
Improving Your Reading Skill
Is it true that reading on smartphone/iphone/tablet is more effective than reading a common book/e-book or on PC?
I have heard it is much more capturing.
I personally, read much more when I read on my smartphone rather than when I read on my PC/tablet. But I have heard it might be harmful for eyes.
What do you think? Is it really that harmful? Is it really that nasty? :-) I believe, some methods (if they are pretty effective) should be used despite some minor harm.
However, I don't read on my smartphone quite often. I have the cheapest model of a smartphone which is discharged in no time. Besides, my smartphone is pretty old and buggy. Maybe, in the near future I will buy some more advanced model, but I am not sure. Despite all the advantages, I am not a great fan of smartphones/iphones.
You know, I am not really tech-savvy. I believe, it will take me about 30 years to become more comfortable with new gadgets. :-P
Baby steps and the main goal
Somebody wrote about the importance of baby steps for some major goal.
I am curious: have you seen your major goal when you started to do some baby steps?
I just believe the major goal is not born at once, usually, we take some baby steps just because we like it, not vice versa, baby steps are not taken usually to pursue some huge goals. Ardent fans achieve a lot not because they follow some distant goals, but because they have passion which they actually pursue…
Language,Sport,Creativity,Binge Reading,Music,etc
Doing something for 15 minutes per day every day may lead you...well, this may lead to many interestings things.
I can share my story.
I started to write every day since I was 8 y.o.
Firstly I wrote in my native language.
My writing was mostly for school — homework exercises, contest essays, diaries, etc.
I even won some awards at some local contests for my good writing skills, some artisitic vision and a bit of a talent.
Then I proceeded with writing. I was already adolescent and with a helping hand of my close relative I started to write for some magazines and journals. I was published in a real, well-known edition when I was 21 y.o. It was mostly in my native language.
Since I was 16 y.o. I started practicing to write in English almost every day. There were some gap years when I had to forget about improving my English writing skills because I had some kind of problems with my health, job and my degrees.
However, since 2011 I have been writing in the English language almost every single day.
I had lots of penpals, I practiced my writing on some foreign forums, I texted in some skype, discord, telegram and other chats.
Has it ended with some kind of success? Well, certainly, yes. I got my first orders for translating, I wrote several serious copywriting works, and now I am going to publish my first book. It is partly in English, partly in my native language.
The most interesting thing I understood about English is that in the English language I can share things and tell my readers about things which look like absolutely not captivating in my native language. The English vision is absolutely different from the vision of the language I was born with. The new language is the new world, new planet, new insight, new understanding, new vision and maybe even new fate. :-)
How is it actually connected with Sport, Creativity, Binge Reading, Music, Losing Weight, and many other spheres?
Well, if you proceed with anything from these things and are obstinate enough, you will certainly end with something…
A new day is a new start.
So, please, proceed!
P.S. be sure that the field you have chosen is really what you want: what is interesting for you, interesting for others and really, really beneficial.
Losing weight+Learning a Language. My diary
Hello there, folks!
I am going to post there my diary of losing weight and practicing the English language.
You can join as well, just like some kind of start to practice writing in any language you really like.
I am going to share my diet: I am a flexitarian. It means: «a flexiable vegetarian». I am trying to eat meat not more than once a week. It is actually my goal, because from time to time I eat meat much more frequently. I have chosen some products which are really cheap and easy to get at my place: apples, tangerines, oranges, beetroots, cabbage, as well as cauliflower, broccoli, I would really want to include here Romanesco broccoli, but it is not easy to buy it sometimes, so, I will just keep it in mind,and of course, carrots, all the types of herbal, aromatic teas, green tea, a bit of coffee (it is better to drink that without milk and sugar for me, but when I don't feel really well, I have to put up with some dose of milk and sugar). Besides different kinds of grain, — rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, pearlbarley. I am not a great fan of flaxseed porridge or lentil porridge :-(
I am crazy about different kinds of mineral water, ayran, fat-free yogurt, stewed fruit. Every day I drink a glass of juice, but the problem it is mostly «packaged one», not a fresh one. It is not very healthy, I believe. However, it is not always possible to use a juice squeezer.
Thank you for reading my, a bit messy, message, I will try to proceed later if anybody is interested. :-)
The best resource for PenPalling ever
I have been using www.penpalworld.com/ since June, 2009.
I have found many good friends and penpals over there: from the UK, USA, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Canada, Israel, Australia, Austria.
For penpalling with my friends I created a special email address — I use this email only for language exchange with my penpals, in order not to lose any messages because of spam/fishing/any hacker attack/or some nasty subscriptions which I have to clean every day on my regular email addresses.
If you really need to improve your writing skills in any language you like-- English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, etc, try this service-- it is user-friendly and has really cheap and cool extra functions like choosing the country you like for penpalling, choosing a penpal of definite age, with photo or without, with nickname or without, etc.
What's good about this service: you can find a person who has the same or similar hobbies, interests, education level, preferences or the mindset you like.
Your goals in learning English for this spring?
What are your aims in your language hacker activity? :D
Please, reveal your secrets!
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